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Dedicated Internet Access

Businesses today need high-speed, secure connectivity to meet the ever-increasing demands on their IT systems. Dedicated Internet Access from Shentel Business provides that reliable, secure line not shared with others to slow it down. The guaranteed bandwidth ensures your business is always online and backed by service level agreements (SLAs), local technical support and committed customer service.

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Private Line Transport

Share or access information with super-fast, reliable and secure point-to-point connectivity for voice and data services. A dedicated line with diverse transport paths and no service interruptions, Private Line offers unmatched safety and reliability for your most critical business functions.

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Dark Fiber

Dark fiber offers a fixed cost for bandwidth, but requires the customer to maintain and operate the equipment needed to “light” the fiber.  Dark fiber is easily scalable for future growth, and offers greater reliability and security through the dedicated line. 


Shared telco-grade facilities that provides managed space for placing privately owned servers and networking equipment. Perfect for local Disaster Recovery needs

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Fiber to the Tower
  • Lit Ethernet Solutions from 50 Mbps to 100 Gbps
  • Serving over 240 on-net towers and able to reach near net towers
  • Flexible EVC and VLAN configurations

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